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How to design a functional Senior park? Read the blog from our website. Link in bio🌻#lappset #lappsetsport #lappsetseniorsport
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What is your Lappset moment? Share your Lappset moment and win tickets for two to Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki, Finland! 🌻Photo may contain any Lappset play or sport products. The competition starts on Friday, July 21st and ends on Friday August 10th at 12.00. Share your picture on Instgram and use #lappsetmoment. Please note that your photo will not be shown if your account is private. Instagram is not involved in the competition. #lappset #lappsetmoment
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This Lappset MyDesign spaceship is located in Shanghai. In theme play children have the opportunity to practice experiencing and expressing different feelings and roles. Which place this spaceship would land next? 🚀#lappset #lappsetplay #lappsetmydesign #spaceship
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Our mission: movement for everyone! Lappset Senior Sport equipment strengthen the motor skills and manual dexterity of the elderly. #lappset #seniorsport #lappsetseniorsport
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PlayCare urakoi Rovaniemen keskuskentälle miltei 800m² suuruisen ulkoliikunta-alueen. Alueelle tullaan sijoittamaan jo olemassa olevan Parkour- alueen lisäksi Fitness- ja Senior Sport -liikuntavälineitä, sekä lapset saavat oman leikkialueensa. Liikunta-alueiden lisäksi alueella voi myös pelata katukorista.
Full ahead! Weekend is coming! ☀️⛴🍀#lappset #lappsetplay #themeplay
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Balance protects the body from injuries by preventing accidents. Even light balance training strengthens the cooperation between the sense of sight and the sense of touch in the soles of the feet. And the best thing, balance makes good foor everyone, not just for children! 😊☀️#lappset #balance #finno #lappsetplay
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The Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki offers new ways to enjoy sport and freetime! @allasseapool @fitoona #lappset #lappsetsport #fitness #gym
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